Faculty of Arts

MA in Chinese

The full-time or part-time Master of Arts in Chinese programme equips students with an advanced knowledge and deep understanding of Chinese literature and the Chinese language. The programme also builds the skills in research and writing required for further development. The programme is designed for Chinese language and literature lovers who want to advance their careers, progress to a higher level of postgraduate study, or simply broaden their knowledge and understanding of classic and modern literature.

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Email: machi@LN.edu.hk

Master of Cultural Studies

The programme aims to teach and inspire students to be well-rounded global citizens, with the holistic knowledge and soft skills to succeed in any profession or area of life. The programme offers one-year full-time and two-year part-time mode.

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Email: mcs@LN.edu.hk

Faculty of Business

Master of Science in e-Business & Supply Chain Management

The course is designed for those who are or intend to work as IT or operations managers, e-business consultants, project managers, or supply chain managers. It is also suitable for anyone who plans to be an e-business entrepreneur.

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Email: admission_ebiz@LN.edu.hk

Master of Science in Finance

With China’s economic growth, and its initiatives like Belt and Road, Hong Kong has been able to leverage its integration with China.  The Master of Science in Finance programme is open to anyone interested in finance. It’s a good start for those seeking career opportunities and advancement in Hong Kong’s most prominent industry.

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Email: mfin_admission@LN.edu.hk

MSc in Marketing and International Business

The one-year full-time postgraduate Master of Science in Marketing and International Business  trains business leaders and professionals for the dynamic global marketplace and corporate world and enables degree-holders to advance their knowledge and skills in marketing and international business

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Email: mscmib@LN.edu.hk

MSc in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior

The programme is a one-year full-time degree which brings an international perspective to human resources management. The programme is unique in the way.   It embraces a whole-person approach to build soft skills and other attributes, which can serve as essential building blocks for a student’s career development.  Students acquire an effective set of skills, and the requisite knowledge, to fulfil the needs of future employers.

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Email: hrmob@LN.edu.hk

Master of Accountancy

The one-year, full-time Master of Accountancy programme gives students an up-to-date knowledge of accountancy theory and practice from a global and local perspective. The programme provides a high-quality education in accountancy, auditing, and taxation, and equips future executives and leaders with the skills applicable to the needs of Hong Kong and, increasingly, mainland China and beyond. The programme is designed with those who want to achieve CPA qualification in mind.

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Email: macc@LN.edu.hk

Faculty of Social Sciences

Master of Social Sciences in Comparative Social Policy (International)

The new Master of Social Sciences in Comparative Social Policy (International) incorporates a focus on the study of development issues, welfare policy initiatives and good governance.  The one-year, full-time programme looks at the consequences of rapid social, economic and political change in the context of globalisation. It expects students to examine major policy responses in key areas such as ageing, support for children and families, employment and life-long learning. The course also addresses issues surrounding health, well-being and social care; housing and urban planning.

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Email: imcsp-admissions@LN.edu.hk

MA in International Affairs

The new MA in international affairs aims to provide postgraduates with an understanding of key subjects including international and comparative politics, developmental studies, international security, environmental politics, and Greater China plus issues like nationalism and political culture.   The programme is primarily designed for those with a first degree in politics-related disciplines, social sciences, the humanities, law, or journalism.  But it is also suitable for professionals in business and communications who want to broaden their outlook and advance their career prospects.

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Email: maia_admission@LN.edu.hk

MA in International Higher Education and Management

The new programme is designed for staff and professionals working in the higher education sector, as well as those who want to lay the foundations for a promising career in the field.  It combines policy and management – theory and practice – into one effective mix. The programme can nurture administrative staff who work at higher education institutions, and equip them with the latest skillsets and a global perspective.

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Email: ihem_admission@LN.edu.hk

MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology

The programme is a one-year full-time programme designed for human resources managers and training and organisational development professionals.   The programme can also be taken as a two-year, part-time programme.  It fits well with individuals who want to develop a career for managerial positions particularly in the health care sector; they can be trainers, human resource managers, organisational consultants and psychology consultants. The programme is also suitable for those who want to further study in the field.

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Email: mwop_admission@LN.edu.hk

MSc in International Banking and Finance

In today’s dynamic economic environment, cross-border business and investment plays an increasingly important part.   Master of Science in International Banking and Finance programme gives students an in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and a global perspective.  Students can benefit from internships and overseas study tours, and the department has generously set aside over HK$1 million for scholarships and allowances to subsidise membership of professional bodies.

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Email: mibf_admission@LN.edu.hk


Postgraduate Diploma in Business

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Programme offers advanced academic training to equip Bachelor’s degree holders with advanced English language academic and analytical skills, and a solid foundation of business knowledge required to study a Master’s degree programme in a business-related discipline.

This programme is operated by Lingnan Institute of Further Education in collaboration with the Division of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University.

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Email: cn@LN.edu.hk