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Advisory Board


(Front row from right) Mr. Kenneth Wong, Mr. ZENG Chao, Prof Albert Ip, and Prof Steven Wei.
(Back row from right) Prof Keith Wong, Dr. Leo Ye, Prof LI Jingyuan, Prof Joseph Cheng, Mr. Gerry Cheung, and Prof Martin Yick.

(From right) Prof Steven Wei, Prof Keith Wong, Dr. Leo Ye, Prof LI Jingyuan, Mr. Clement Wong, Prof Albert Ip, Prof Joseph Cheng, and Mr. Kenneth Wong.




Professor IP Yuk Keung, Albert


Chief Executive Officer
Langham Hospitality Investments Ltd.

Independent Non-Executive Director
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Ltd.
Hopewell Holdings Ltd.
Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd.
Power Assets Holdings Ltd.
TOM Group Ltd.

Non-Executive Director
Eagle Asset Management (CP) Ltd.

Council Member
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Honorary Professor
Lingnan University

Adjunct Professor
City University of Hong Kong
Hang Seng Management College
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Distinguished Professor in Practice
University of Macau

Mr. CHEUNG Gee Yin, Gerry


Head of Client Approval and Review
Standard Chartered

Professor WEI Xiangdong, Steven


Associate Professor
School of Accounting and Finance
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr. WONG Cheuk Yiu, Clement


Head of Greater China Corporate
Finance Group for Credit Ratings of Non-Property Companies
Moody's Investors Service Hong Kong Ltd.

Professor WONG Kit Pong, Keith


Director and Professor
School of Economics and Finance
The University of Hong Kong

Mr. WONG Kwok Leung, Kenneth


General Manager and Head
Corporate Banking Division II
China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Ltd.

Dr. YE Yong, Leo


Assistant CEO
GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Corporation Ltd.

Mr. ZENG Chao


Managing Director and Co-Head
Financial Institutions for Greater China and Japan
Standard Chartered