Welcome to the Department of Political Science 政治學系

Lingnan is the only university in Hong Kong which has a department which uses the name 'Political Science'. The department contributes actively to Lingnan's inter-disciplinary Bachelor of Social Science degree programme, also unique in Hong Kong. As such we cooperate closely with colleagues in our three sister departments, Applied Psychology, Economics and Sociology & Social Policy. We began offering a Major in Political Science since 2012 and are involved in teaching politics courses in the two Streams, China and Asia Pacific Studies (CAPS) and Social and Public Policy Studies (SPPS) Streams.

Although we teach across the range of political science sub-disciplines, we have particular strengths in Hong Kong politics, Chinese politics, Asian international relations, public policy, regional security and environmental politics. Our research interests are wide-ranging and we publish regularly - both in international journals and in book form - on a variety of Asian as well as broader international issues. We are also active in commenting in the local and international media on current affairs. We contribute to the activities of the two social science-related research centres at the university, the Centre for Asian Pacific Studies and the Centre for Public Policy Studies, as well as cooperate with the Public Governance Programme.

Faculty Members and Supporting Staff

Politics is said to be about 'who gets what' in society. Political science helps us find out more about how decisions are made, who has the power to make them and what are the results of such policy decisions. We pride ourselves on our close relations with students and believe that, by studying political science through our lectures and small-group tutorials, students can both have a satisfying learning outcome and better understand how the real world works.

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