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Student Amenities and Activities

Student Development Programmes

Student Development Awards Student Development Awards Student Development Awards

Providence Foundation Outward Bound Leadership Training Awards

悟宿基金 - 外展訓練計劃

Programme date:  May 2018


A 7-day leadership training course organised by the Outward Bound Hong Kong

Attend a 7-day outward bound training for HK$700 only (original fee $4,850)
*The Foundation will sponsor each participant HK$3,500 and the University will sponsor each successful applicant another HK$650.

- Full-time Local Undergraduate Students
- The Cumulative GPA must be 2.3 or above
- Applicants should demonstrate high sense of responsibility, co-operation and strong participation in student activities in the University, and notable contribution to community service
- Applicants should be recommended by an academic staff
**Twelve students will be selected to represent the University, with at least one-third of the awardees shall be students studying in business-related courses.

 - To maximize the capability of self-management;
 - To strengthen problem-solving potentials;
 - To acquire knowledge and skills in team building;
 - To appreciate different types of leadership styles;
 - To become more ready to take up leadership role in challenging situation.

 - Experiential learning through outdoor activities in the mountains and on the sea;
 - Structured experience for team work;
 - Individual and group process reviews.


Learning Outcomes: 

- Enhance your leadership skills and team spirit, and broaden your horizons
- Explore and develop your full potentials
ILP Units: 6 units (Social & Emotional Development) (Leadership Enhancement Scheme)

Application method:  Return the completed application form and other supporting documents as you deem appropriate to SSC Counter

Application deadline:  To be announced

Future Star Programme (A Study Tour Organized by Wen Wei Po)

Programme date: To be announced


Visiting legislative and military units in China…
Understanding law, politics and economy of China…
A study tour does it all


Application deadline:  To be announced

International Youth Exchange Programme (YA 20A Programme)
Organized by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Commission on Youth

Programme date: July 2017 & March 2018

Free Trips to Japan, Ireland or Singapore
Homestay, visits, interactions with youths of visiting country plus a variety of cultural activities*

Date: 7 – 14 days (tentative) between July 2017 and March 2018
Location: Ireland, Japan, Singapore and other countries deemed appropriate


  1. Aged between 18-24 as at 1 April 2016, i.e. candidates born between 31 Mar 1992 and 1 April 1998 who are holders of valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card;
  2. Proficient in English;
  3. Knowledgeable about Hong Kong and China;
  4. Have sound common sense and good academic background;
  5. Have impressive record of volunteer/community service in the past three years; and
  6. Have a valid travel document.

 *Candidates should be prepared to have a very busy schedule before and after the visit.


Learning Outcome

- Widen your horizons and international perspective, and to exchange ideas with overseas students
- Learn how to present HK to overseas guests


Application deadline:  31 October 2016

AIA Foundation Young Leaders Development Program
* Adventure Leadership Training Camp
* A series of workshops including Leadership Workshop and Financial Planning Workshop
* Corporate and Company Visit


Sneak Peek of the Programmes
Orientation Day, Adventure & Leadership Camp, Career Workshop, Star Speaker Forum, Community Service Tour and more!!

November 2017 – April 2018

Outstanding participants will be awarded:

 -  Summer internship opportunities in AIA
 -  Reference by AIA Foundation
 -  Outstanding Young Leaders Award
 -  Favorite Young Leader Award
 -  Best Local Community Service Award

 -  Year 2 - 3 Full-time Undergraduate Students
 -  Hong Kong Permanent Residents
 -  GPA 3.1 or above
 -  Committed to giving back to the society
     (*Only TWO students will be selected to represent the University; Interviews may be conducted by AIA)
Details & Application

For more details and application form, please click HERE. You shall print and complete the application form and hand it in to SSC counter together with your latest university transcripts and report cards from secondary school by 5:00 pm, 1 November 2017 (Wed).



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