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Lingnan High-Flyers Programme 2018

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About Lingnan High-Flyers
The Lingnan High-Flyers programme is an exclusive and highly selective programme designed to cultivate our outstanding students with entrepreneurial mindset and leadership. The entrepreneurial mindset not only provides a lens for one to see problems as opportunities, but also gives confidence for one to solve problems by one’s courage, creativity, resilience and ability to strive for higher achievements in life A true high-flyer should be an impactful and influential global leader in the future, benefiting him/herself, the community and beyond.

Upcoming Events
3-day Executive Leadership Training Programme





4/6/2018 (Mon)

Present with Impact and Influence as a High Flyer


Dale Carnegie Training Hong Kong & Macau

Suite 1701, 17/F,
East Exchange Tower,
38 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay.

5/6/2018 (Tue)

How to prepare, plan, act and

behave like a Global Leader (Part 1)

6/6/2018 (Wed)

How to prepare, plan, act and

behave like a Global Leader (Part 2)

*This training programme is for High-Flyers awardees only.

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Programme Timeline, Awards

Phase I – Training Workshops by Dale Carnegie Training®-Hong Kong (Late JanuaryEarly March 2018) 

  • These workshops aim at boosting your entrepreneurship skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, emotional intelligence and insights into the needy community.
    Link for Dale Carnegie Training Hong Kong
    About Dale Carnegie Training ®-Hong Kong

Phase II – High-Flyers Challenge (March – April 2018)

  • Participants who have excellent performance in Phase I will be selected to enter Phase II – Selection Competition. They shall form teams (4 to 5 members in a team) to plan and execute their projects with innovative ideas and achievable tasks.
  • The professional trainers of Dale Carnegie Training®-Hong Kong will regularly meet and coach the teams for advices and suggestions.
  • Each team will present their projects to our panel of judges on the Presentation Day in April 2018.
  • 20 outstanding performers will be recognized as our “Lingnan High-Flyers”.

Phase III - Awards to Lingnan High-Flyers (June 2018)

  • In summer 2018, the High-Flyers will receive awards of huge values: 
  1. Full-sponsorship for attending the 3-day Executive Leadership Training Programme conducted by a Dale Carnegie Training®-Hong Kong.
  1. Sponsorship to join one of the study tours with different themes:
    • “One Belt One Road” initiative Study Tour - Beijing & Saint Petersburg
    • Canadian Study Tour;
  2. Professional Networking Dinner (17 September 2018)
    • Share the achievements of the Lingnan High-Flyers programme
    • Introduce the Lingnan High-Flyers to honourable guests such as potential employers, media and staff etc., in this grand closing event.


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Objectives of High-Flyers Programme

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude;
  2. Equip with a specific set of tools for solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities;
  3. Chart a clear roadmap for moving from inspiration to implementation; and
  4. Set high goals of life.


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  1. WHO should apply?
  • ALL Year 1 to Year 3 Full-time Undergraduate Students
  • Good Academic Standing, preferably with cGPA 3.0 or above


  1. WHAT do we expect from applicants?
  • Applicants should have a keen interest in developing their potentials in entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, global perspective, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm.
  • Applicants should be ready to face challenges and commit to the tight schedule throughout the programme.
  • Applicants should attend most of the seminars/workshops/events etc. with satisfactory attendance rate.


  1. HOW to apply?


  1. WHAT else should you know?
  • No fees/deposits are required for participating in Phase I of the programme.
  • Participants in Phase I will have to go through a selection process in order to enter Phase II.
  • Attend the “Lingnan High-Flyers Kick Start Briefing Session” (18:30/ 24 January 2018/ MBG07) to find out more details.
  • We are not sure if you will become one of the final Lingnan High-Flyers, but we are sure you will not become one if you don’t take your first step.


Mr. Jeffy Lau
Tel: 2616-7403 
Ms. Elaine Yam
Tel: 2616-7304 


Useful Form

                    Form logo for High-Flyers Programme Application Form