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Chair :

Professor LEUNG, Yuk Ming Lisa
Associate Professor and Associate Head, Department of Cultural Studies


Members : (Staff representatives)

Professor SHAFER, William Eugene
Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy

Professor TANG, Lynn
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Mr SIU, Ho Keung Michael
Associate Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Office

Mr WOO, Chun Tung Ian
Comptroller, Office of the Comptroller

Mr TSUI, Chi Ping Eric
Head of Student Development Office, Lingnan Institute of Further Education

Ms MAK, Mee Chu Mabel
Associate Director of Student Services, Student Services Centre​

Professor CHAN, Hau Nung Annie
Warden of William M W Mong Hall The Bank of East Asia Hall (Hall A) 


Members : (Student representatives)

Mr HO, Chi Fung
Lingnan University Students’ Union

Mr WONG, Mok Sum Sam
Internal Vice-President, Lam Woo Hall (Hall D) Student Hostel Association


Ex-officio member :

Mrs TSANG, TAI Mo Oi Monica
Director of Administration


Acting Secretary :

Ms MOK, Suk Yee Jennifer
Associate Director of Administration, Office of Council/Court Business and General Administration​