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Student Activities

Various student activities are arranged every year which allow students to get involved in campus life and offer them opportunities in leadership, social responsibility and student volunteerism.

Sports Games Day 2018

2018/19 Event
Nov 1, 2018 (Thu) Sports Games Day
  • Time: 1500-1730
  • Venue: Jackie Chan Gymnasium
  • Participants: TPg students of the Faculty of Business
  • Champion:Master of Accountancy (MAcc)
  • 1st Runner-up: MSc in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management (MSceBSCM)
  • 2nd Runner-up: MSC in Marketing and International Business (MScMIB)
  • Best Cheerleading Teams:
    MSc in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management (MSceBSCM),and
    MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour (MScHRMOB)

Taught Postgraduate Programmes Office (TPgPO) took pride in hosting the “TPg Sports Games Day 2018/19” on Nov 1, 2018 at Jackie Chan Gymnasium. Over 200 staff and students joined the event and participated in the four games (i.e. 4 Persons 5 Legs, Table Tennis Steeplechase, Badminton Relay Race and Rope Skipping). The highlight of the event was the Rope Skipping, which adopted a “5X Combo Point” scoring method this year. It successfully offered a chance to the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) to turn the table and snatch a victory out of the defeat in this last round. The Champion this year went to Master of Accountancy (MAcc) while MSc in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management (MSceBSCM) won the first runner-up honour and MSc in Marketing and International Business (MScMIB) won the second runner-up.

For the Best Cheerleading Show Time, with their perfect and wonderful performance, MSc in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management (MSceBSCM) and MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour (MscHRMOB) were both awarded the best cheerleading team.

Filled with laughter and fun, the Sports Games Day drew to a fruitful close. The event successfully promoted sportsmanship and enhanced collaboration amongst different programmes.

Special thanks to all students, staff and volunteers for their tremendous support in this event.

Mid-autumn BBQ Party 2018

2018/19 Event
Sep 20, 2018 (Thu) Mid-autumn BBQ Party
  • Time: 1830-2200
  • Venue: Fu Tai BBQ Land
  • Participants: Over 190 students and staff

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Taught Postgraduate Programme Office (TPgPO) organised a Barbecue Party for TPg students and staff on Sep 20, 2018. Prof. LIU, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Programme Directors, academic and administrative staff and over 180 TPg students participated and grasped the chance to mingle in the party. All participants had great fun in the Party and very excited in winning the fabulous prizes in lucky draws.