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Two-Factor Authentication

To enhance the protection of students’ personal data and tighten the information security of the University, Lingnan University is going to implement a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution for accessing students’ webmail.

All Lingnan students are required to enroll in 2FA for logging into webmail starting from September 1, 2018. In the future, 2FA may be extended to other systems that store and provide access to sensitive data, such as MyPortal, Moodle, VPN, and Room Booking System and cover both staff and students.

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How it works?

The 2FA system requires an additional authentication layer in addition to your Lingnan username and password to ensure it is not any third party, but yourself, who accesses the webmail. This additional layer is usually a personal mobile device.  By pairing your personal mobile device with a 2FA mobile app, the device will allow you to receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication. Because of this, you need to register for 2FA. Please respond to the Push Notification using your mobile device when you need to access applications supporting 2FA e.g. VPN, OWA etc.

Is the service accessible from overseas?

Yes. The service is accessible worldwide. The mobile app works well even after you have changed to use another SIM card (another phone number) during your travel. Please remember to carry your registered mobile phone/device as it is an important device to verify your identity in order to access applications supporting 2FA.
If your mobile device does not have internet access, you can obtain an one-time passcode from the mobile app and use it for the required authentication.

How to register?

Log on to the 2FA Registration and Device Management to activate / manage your account.

How to access?

After logging into the Lingnan webmail outside campus network including the hostel with wired connections, you are required to approve your access using the Duo Mobile app. If you get a login request that you weren't expecting, please reject the request.

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