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The Third South South Forum on Sustainability

29 Jul 2016


The Third South-South Forum on Sustainability was held in Lingnan University from 23 to 29 July.  The central themes of the Forum are financial capital crisis, trajectory of developing countries, regional integration, agrarian question, architecture/urbanism, social justice, ecological justice, and visions for the future.

This is a continuation of the two Forums that Lingnan University’s Department of Cultural Studies co-organised with Renmin University, United Nations Development Programme (China), Southwest University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, among others.  The 1st and 2nd South-South Forums were held in 2011 (in Lingnan University) and 2012 (in Southwest University, Chongqing) respectively, which succeeded in attracting the attendance of scholars and activists from over 26 countries.   These forums have built important transnational relationships for future intellectual exchanges and collaborations.

This year’s Forum has invited scholars and activists from Latin America, Asia and Africa to participate, with five key speakers including François Houtart (Ecuador/Belgium), Pedro Páez (Ecuador), Eka Swadiansa (Indonesia), Dai Jinhua (Mainland China) and Wen Tiejun (Mainland China) to give speeches and lecture series.