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Applications from New Students upon Admission

An applicant who has passed public, professional, or other examinations recognised by the University or has successfully completed a course at an appropriate level, such as a sub-degree (SD) programme, offered by the University or another tertiary institution may apply for credit transfer/course exemption. Please refer to “Highlights of Relevant Academic Regulations” for more details.

A minimum grade C is required for credit transfer of courses taken in undergraduate or SD programmes. Individual faculties/departments have discretion to adopt a higher minimum grade* where appropriate.

*BA Visual Studies (VS) programme specified that the minimum grade for credit transfer for VS core and programme elective courses is B+ for institutions with maximum cGPA of 4.0, A- for institutions with maximum cGPA of 4.3 and 4.5.

For the University required course of ENG2020 Varieties of English, no credit transfer/course exemption is allowed.

The number of credits transferred depends on whether an applicant has completed courses which correspond to (and at comparable levels as) the courses in the study programme concerned at Lingnan University.

[Note: Exemption for VS core courses is limited to ONE. The total number of course exemptions for VS core and/or programme electives is limited to THREE.]

The transfer of credits upon admission should be a one-off exercise. No subsequent transfer of credits will be approved during the course of the student’s study at Lingnan University except for newly gained qualifications after admission.

No grade will be given but all exempted or recognised courses and the number of credits transferred will be shown in the student’s transcript.

For HKALE / IB / GCEAL / IAL Holders
With effect from 2018-19 intake, Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) / International Baccalaureate (IB) / GCE Advanced Level (GCEAL) / International Advanced Level (IAL) holders with seven years of secondary schooling will be granted 9-credit block transfer on free electives.

For Sub-degree Students / Graduates from Local Sub-degree Programmes Accredited with Level 4 of the Qualifications Framework

Eligible sub-degree graduates who are granted a transfer of 54 credits or more will be admitted and designated as Year 3 students. With effect from 2019-20 intake, these graduates will be granted 51-credit block transfer upon admission. The block credit transfer framework is as follows:


No. of Courses

No. of Credits


Core Curriculum

Common Core












Additional credits can be transferred subject to evidence of satisfactory completion of equivalent course(s).




Free Electives








To make up a 54-credit transfer, students should apply for additional credit transfer by submitting Application for Credit Transfer/Course Exemption form upon admission following provisions in the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes.

Procedures for Applying Credit Transfer and Course Exemption

[Applicable to students from 2015-16 intake] A newly-admitted student who wishes to apply for credit transfer/course exemption based on qualifications obtained before admission to the University must submit his/her application upon admission, but in any case no later than 10 calendar days after the commencement of the first term of the admission year. Late application will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.


Time Frame of Application and Results Announcement
Application for credit transfer/course exemption should be made along with the application for undergraduate admission.

Application for credit transfer/course exemption will be assessed by relevant academic units and the processing time varies. Students will be informed of the application result by their Faculty/Department in due course.

Note: Application results of credit transfer/course exemption as decided by respective academic units are final and no appeal against the decisions will be accepted.

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