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Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management

Full Time
1 Year
Part Time
Application Period
1 October 2019 - 30 April 2020
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Programme Details Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management integrates two key functions in a holistic programme

Over the last decade, the growth of the internet and social media, along with the expansion of e-commerce and better supply chain management, have transformed traditional business models and consumer behaviour. Those developments have also had an impact on the job market by changing the range of knowledge and skill sets employers expect.

With that in mind, the Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management (MSceBSCM) aims to provide management-focused insights in the relevant areas for students from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds.

Two-way Approach

“The Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management programme is unique and forward-looking in the way it contributes to the related business sectors and meets the ever-growing demand for qualified IT and SCM managers in mainland China, Hong Kong and elsewhere,” says Professor Leng Ming-ming, Founding Programme Director and Professor of Lingnan University’s Department of Computing and Decision Sciences.  

More specifically, the course is designed for those who are or intend to work as IT or operations managers, e-business consultants, project managers, or supply chain managers. It is also suitable for anyone who plans to be an e-business entrepreneur.

“We provide students with a practical understanding of management strategies and skills for SCM in the e-business environment,” Leng says.  “They will then be equipped to serve sizeable organisations in roles involving the adoption, use and management of information technologies.”

Integral of All Industries

He notes that the internet is now an integral of all industries and, therefore, an understanding of e-business and supply chain systems is increasingly essential for anyone looking for career advancement. Employees who may work mainly in IT need to know about supply chain operations and the management strategies and skills to keep production and distribution on time and on track. In turn, those who viewed as logistics or supply chain specialists have to understand the IT that is now powering so much of the day-to-day business.

Prof Leng adds that the Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management programme trains students in the necessary skills, and also offers internship and overseas study opportunities, networking events, and talks by guest speakers. This provides the theoretical know-how and practical experience needed to accelerate career progress. The university’s strong ties with industry and partnerships with a number of e-business and supply chain firms also help to open doors.

Professional bodies including the Hong Kong Logistics Association, the International Institute of Management, the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants, and the Project Management Institute have recognised the programme.

“So, apart from academic excellence, it offers the ‘professional education’ aspect too,” Prof Leng says.

Career and Academic Advancement

To graduate, students must complete six core subjects and four out of six electives for a total of 30 credits. The electives address specific needs of organisations managing supply chain operations at a time when e-business is becoming ever more important. On a separate note, all candidates are eligible for scholarships.

“The synergy of faculty expertise in IT and SCM means the department is well positioned to support the teaching of the programme,” Prof Leng says. “Classes will use a case studies and discussions to bring out the key issues, and teachers will also be available after class or via email to go through any subjects needing further clarification. This is in line with the general philosophy of liberal arts education at Lingnan University.”

The Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management programme is also a pathway to an MPhil or PhD.  

Special Features of Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management

  • A unique and forward-looking programme dedicated to developing and promoting students' academic and professional potentials in the "Internet +" era.
  • Set up partner relationships with a number of relevant firms in the eBusiness and supply chain fields, which help enhance the career prospects of the students in the Programme.
  • Provide students with a number of chances to analyze professional cases and participate in real commercial projects, which help improve students' ability in applying their knowledge to solve real problems.