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Current and Recent Research

2018-2020, All by Myself? A Study on the Situations of Singles in Two Chinese Cities, HKRGC, Jiang, J. (Co-I), HK$549,400.
2017-2018, A Study of Contracting Out Social Services and Changing Welfare Governance in China, HKRGC, Mok. K. H. (PI) and Jiang, J., HK$776,200.
2016-2017, Hong Kong Non-Governmental Welfare Organisations in Mainland China: Services, Challenges and Opportunities, Central Policy Unit, Mok. K. H. (PI) and Jiang, J., HK$930,460.

Selected Recent Publications

Forrest, R., & Xian, S. (2018). Accommodating discontent: Youth, conflict and the Housing question in Hong Kong. Housing Studies, 33(1), 1-17.
Gyasi, R.M. & Abass, K. (2018). Sexual risk behaviour and uptake of HIV Counselling and Testing among youth in Metropolitan Kumasi, Ghana. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 17(2):
Mok, K.H. and Kuhner, S. (eds.) (2018) Managing Welfare Expectations and Social Change: Policy Transfer in Asia, London: Routledge.
Mok, K.H. and Qian, J.W. (2018) “A New Welfare Regime in the Making? Paternalistic Welfare Pragmatism in China”, Journal of European Social Policy, published on-line on 27 April 2018.
Mok, K.H., Mumin, A.A., Gyasi, R.M., Segbefia, A.Y., Forkour, D. & Ganle, J.K. (2018). The internalised and social experiences of AIDS-induced stigma and discrimination in urban Ghana. Global Social Welfare, 5(2):83-93.
Kuhner, S. and Yeates, N. (2017) “Managing Welfare Expectations and Social Change: Policy Responses in Asia”, Social Policy & Administration, Vol.51, No.6, November 2017, pp. 876-897.
Amoah, P.SA., Phillips, D.R., Gyasi, R.M., Koduah, A.O., & Edusei, J. (2017). Health literacy and self perceived health status among street youth in Kumasi, Ghana, Cogent Medicine, 4(1). doi:10.1080/2331205X.2016.1275091
Mok, K.H., Kühner, S., & Huang, G.H. (2017). The productivist construction of selective welfare pragmatism in China. Social Policy & Administration, 51(6), 845-856.