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Current and Recent Research

2015-2020, UK International Graduates in East Asia: Careers, Earnings, Jobs, Mobility, Mok, K.H. (PI), & Jiang, J., UK ESRC and HEFCE HK$908,388. Part of the Global Higher Education Research Project (£6.1 million) led by Centre for Global Higher Education.

Selected Recent Publications

Mok, K.H. (2018) “Does Internationalisation of Higher Education still Matter? Critical Reflections on Student Learning, Graduate Employment and Faculty Development in Asia”, Higher Education Quarterly, 72, pp. 183-193.
Mok, K.H., Han, X. Jiang, J. and Zhang, X.J. (2018) “International and Transnational Education for whose Interests? A Study on the Career Development of Chinese Students”, Higher Education Quarterly, 72, pp. 208-223.
Neubauer, D., Mok, K. H., and Jiang, J. (Eds.) (2018). The Sustainability of Higher Education in an Era of Post-Massification. Oxon: Routledge
Mok, K.H., & Jiang, J. (2017). Massification of higher education and challenges for graduate employment and social mobility: East Asian experiences and sociological reflections. International Journal of Educational Development, published on-line 25 May 2017.
Mok, K.H., & Han, X. (2017). Higher education governance and policy in China: Managing decentralization and transnationalism. Policy and Society, 36(1), 34-48.
Mok, K.H., & Han, X. (2016). The quest for effective university governance: The Hong Kong experience. China Higher Education Research 《中國高教研究》, 8, 55-60. (in Chinese).
Mok, K.H., Wen, Z.Y., & Dale, R. (2016). Employability and mobility in valorization of higher education qualifications: The Experiences and reflections of Chinese students and graduates. Higher Education Policy and Management, 38(3), 264-281.
Mok, K.H. (2016). Massification of higher education, graduate employment and social mobility in the Greater China Region. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 37(1), 51-71.